Angeline and Jonathan | Paris


Mazi event said

"Paris has romantically haunted the dreams of so many couples, so when we were asked to organise a wedding ceremony there, we faced one great challenge: we had to try hard to create a wedding day uniquely and unpretentiously romantic in a city full of love cliches. And so we did: we had to highlight the graceful dignity that both Angeline and Jonathan evoked and at the same time epitomize the Parisian myth. So, we recruited all our inventiveness and the result was profoundly satisfying.

The wedding took place at the elegant Town Hall of the 5th arrondissement and it was followed by a cocktail party on a péniche on the Seine. This was the best choice of a venue, as it gave us the opportunity to use the city as a canvas. However, we did not just rely on the cityscape. We took care of everything as we always do. If you browse through the pictures you will see the carefully selected colors, the flower arrangements, the black and white stationery with hand-drawn sketches and unique monogram – we always insist on personalised stationery-, the sophisticated details successfully set throughout the venue, the globe guestbook and of course the traditionally French tour de macaron cake! Angeline wore a two pieces wedding dress and angelically swept us off our feet. Refinement and grace is what characterised her.

The péniche took us calmly along the Hausmannian rooftops, the Notre Dame and the other landmarks, and when the party was over we realized we had contributed to a young couple’s moment of sincere and utter happiness. They will always have each other and we will always have Paris in our memories and the Seine enchantically flowing around us."



Thanos Asfis

Wedding Planner:

Mazi Event