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Svanja and Dominik

Schlosshotel Münchhausen | germany

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul...
Witnessing the looks Svanja and Dominik shared during their special day was a testament to how deep their love flows.
Their joy was contagious, their smiles infectious. A beautiful wedding day spent with friends and family, the two said "I do" surrounded by the gorgeous countryside of Germany.

Love Never Fails

wedding in Marrakesh | Morocco

It is hard to fathom that there was ever a time that existed when I couldn’t trace the path of your body with just my mind. It’s beautiful curves and secret channels that were once a mystery to me, now consume my thoughts the second my eyes close. You have become as familiar to me as a the cobblestone maze of the Medina is to the merchant. There is no spice or incense that can match your intoxicating scent and no textile that captures the intense mosaic of colour in your eyes. We are bounded together on this day and for every day to come you will always be my greatest adventure and my forever home.

Elena & Brandon

Wedding in Stockholm | Sweden

Nothing ever is more certain than my love for you✨ There is no a greater sign of love than being sure that the person holding your hand is yours forever more. Cheers to Elena and Brandon and their unique love story and wonderful celebration in Stockholm a couple of months back

Angeline & Jonathan

Wedding in paris | france

Paris has romantically haunted the dreams of so many couples, so when we were asked to organise a wedding ceremony there, we faced one great challenge: we had to try hard to create a wedding day uniquely and unpretentiously romantic in a city full of love cliches. And so we did: we had to highlight the graceful dignity that both Angeline and Jonathan evoked and at the same time epitomise the Parisian myth. So, we recruited all our inventiveness and the result was profoundly satisfying.

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