Rethymno, Greece

Tanya & Robert

"On a beautiful day of 18th of August 2017, a week after I came back from Sint Maarten I did not expect anything strange, extraordinary or exciting happen to me. My friend from Moscow was visiting Amsterdam and we were slowly getting out of bed while Robert went to work. At around midday the doorbell rang and Robert was standing at the door with the biggest smile and sneaky expression on his face. “You have to pack quickly, we are leaving in half an hour”, Robert was clearly enjoying confusing me even more. While chaotically packing my suitcase, different thoughts were passing my mind: “where are we going, what are we doing, what if…”.

After a rather stressful ride by car, we arrived in the most fairytale-like town I know, Bruges. We have already celebrated one of my birthdays in this beautiful and romantic Belgian town two years ago, when the combination of cozy atmosphere and tasteful draft beer won a warm place in both of our hearts. We dropped our things in a beautiful hotel located in a castle and then went for a walk. Near one of the fountains a guy with the camera suggested making photos. We had a beautiful photo-shoot in the center of Brugge, in an amazing sunset light. On the bridge near one of the main squares, where there were surprisingly few people passing by, Robert suggested making “funny pictures”. I started laughing. And then… Luckily, we have pictures of this moment which forever confirm that Robert proposed and I said “YES”.”

“Seeing our video was like reliving the wedding again. It was touching, emotional and reflected on all little but important details of the day. Vasilis expressed our emotions and our guests’ emotions through the lens of his camera and we were blessed to have him as our videographer”, the couple shared with us. Watch this amazing video and be mesmerized!


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